Eight Cranes Acupuncture is excited to announce that we will be hosting a fundraiser for the Susie King Taylor Community School on Saturday, April 2nd from 9:00am – 1:00pm! (please see the attached flyer: Eight Cranes Acupuncture Community Fundraiser for the Susie King Taylor Community School)  This is a GREAT opportunity to receive the benefits of a community acupuncture session** while helping to cover filing fees for an exciting new, public K-12 charter school that is forming in the Savannah area!

100% of the proceeds will go to the school, so please bring cash or checks payable to: Susie King Taylor CHARTER School. Credit and debit card services will NOT be available that day.  The suggested donation for your community acupuncture session is between $20-$40, but of course feel free to contribute more if you feel inclined to do so.

Please note: In order to keep the day flowing well for everyone concerned, we are asking for RSVPs!  Please call the office: (912) 349-2101 and specify your preferred treatment time.  We will call you back to confirm availability.

The Mission Statement of the Susie King Taylor Community School: We see to cultivate a vibrant, academically challenging learning community that celebrates each individual’s gifts and instills in students a sense of stewardship as members of the Savannah community and as citizens of the world. Through experiential learning that emphasizes both quiet reflection and group collaboration, we empower students to critically examine the world and to activate their capacity for creating lasting positive change.

** How is community acupuncture different than a regular acupuncture session?  Community acupuncture is carried out in a group setting where multiple people are receiving treatments in the same room either in chairs, recliners, or on tables if available.  Treatment time is shorter, between 15-30 minutes.